How to make a Pickup-able snowball, that works like a snowball too!

Picking up the snowball

Using intense math, I figured out that counters are better here. (5 less memory! Counting the extra wire.)

The item image settings are this:

The button setting is this:

The counters settings are this:

The target is the amount of snowballs you have picked up. (Explained more later, just go with it.)

(This is the button to all the counters, the amount of counters you have is equal to the
amount of snowballs (Item images.) )

Button pressed -------> Incremate counter
When the target value is reached, make it hide one of the snowballs, and make the target go up by 1 each counter, and make it hide a different snowball each time.)
Target value reached ------> Hide item image
(Final counter) Target value reached ------> deactviate button

Acting like a snowball

You may think I’m not sane when I say this, but here it is:
Get out a quantum portal.

But, to prove I’m still okay, I’m gonna say this:
Grant one snowball and one heavy shard when “Collect” is brocasted.
Screenshot 2024-04-12 4.45.38 PM
(Then repeat with the snowballs.)

Place an IIM (Inventory Item Manager)
Set it to this:

This makes it so you don’t see that you get heavy shards.
Plus, a reminder, the snowballs do nothing. They are to trick the players.
I think thats all.

Plus, do this:
Screenshot 2024-04-12 4.48.34 PM


Another good guide! Creative too.

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Yeah, wanted to give snowballs the feel of ‘a lot of damage’

Nice this one was pretty useful so I might use it in my game thanks for the guide :+1:

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Just make the snowballs insta-KO. Believe me, it’ll make a lot of sense later on.


ok, nice guide, i’ve been wondering how to do this!

hang on, i need to get this out

@GimSolver @Blizzy @Cellofive @mysz @Foxy check thingy… something happened…


guide is nice maybe add a summary of how it works?


@eiqcrmeliutgwhc my guess is after a certain amount of time discourse gets rid of unused groups

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