How to Make a Palm Tree (Difficulty 🟦)

I’m doing this because @bobking was asking for it.

The Trunk

This is easy. First, go to props and select a rectangular wooden sign.

Then, go to its settings, appearance, and change its tint to yellow.

Afterward, go to the change size (bottom-left-hand corner) and tilt it however you want it to be. You can also enlarge the sign to be bigger. If you want the trunk to be slanted at an angle, you can create a second sign place it next to the first, and then tilt it.

You’re done!

The Leaves

Once you have finished the trunk, you can move onto the leaves. Go to your props, but place an alien plant.

Again, go to change size and enlarge it however you like.

Now, you can be a little creative. You could rotate the leaves in different angles, or add different kinds of leaves. It all depends on what you want to do. This is a simple one that I did.

Don’t judge, I did it in under a minute

Now you can add your palm trees to your beaches! Thanks for reading!


Great guide!!!

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Thank you for the guide

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Awesome guide!

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I had an idea. What if you used multiple wooden signs to make the bark of the tree and to make the tree look more realistic?

is it possible that you can make the palm tree leaves more realistic?

You could try using bushes? I am no expert at art though, so don’t be surprised if it looks horrible lol.

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thanks, i will

try are you on 24/7

guys this was dedicated to me

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Do you mind if I make a slightly different version

Yeah, sure. I do not have the best skills in Gimkit Creative Art (like you :cry:).


Everybody has art skills, just perhaps in different areas.


(lays down underneath a palm tree)

(accidentally bumps this guide)

Now reading this guide, I made one before this guide was made.

Wow I cant believe how long ago that was.

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It’s ironic that as of right now, this guide is just below your guide for how to make a palm tree.

Oh, lol


floridian palm tree speedrun lol