How to make a overlay for only one player

Hey guys I’m making a Gimkit 1 vurses all map so in my game there is a robber but I can’t get only the robber to have a game overlay button instead of everyone any ideas.

So do you want an game overlay button?

use relays set to specific team to show it

Yes I know how to do that but not for only one player. I want it to work for only one player not everybody

Yes, like Foxy said, use relays! They help you to pick a certain player or person in a game.


If this is confusing, try picking the relay where it says a player on a specific team, if the game is a team.

so make sure the overlay isn’t active on start and then use a lifecycle and a relay to show it for the one player


I also updated the title and tags to be clearer

Yes, that will work!

Wow thanks guys I love making Gimkit maps but devices can be confusing for me so that’s helps a lot

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