How to make a one-way zone! (Mini guide)

First, get out 3 lasers, no damage.
Screenshot 2024-02-05 5.03.43 PM

Wiring: (red laser) Player hit by laser -------> activate laser (blue laser)
Wiring: (Green laser) Player hit by laser --------> Deactivate laser (blue laser)
Channels: **(blue laser) Player hit by laser ---------> {Do whatever you want} (Whatever device)

A few uses
  • Making a notifcation showing where you have entered/left.
  • Making a guard (Stops you when you enter but not leave)

Make sure to hide the lasers! (black color, no start or end point, no dotted lines)


couldn’t you just make a single zone and deactivate it when you pass through it?

it’s more effective by 25 memory and is graphically better
[*memory statement based on having more than one zone]

the uses can also be made with just one laser, 3 channels, and a trigger


Let me lest that

Edit: You can only use it once, and it is not one way

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Well, your system isn’t one way really. You can just walk out and back in and the same thing will happen again.

My system assumes that if you pass through an area, you don’t need the same thing to happen again when you pass through it.

It also doesn’t really matter if it’s one-way, because if you start outside a castle you will always go in before you go out, and it will be deactivated when you come out.

It’s called one way because it only happens if you pass through it in ONE direction, not only being able to pass through once. Let’s say, you are entering a castle, you can enter it again, and recive a notifcation saying you entered it, but if you leave, you don’t get the notifcation

I know that. I’m just saying that your way isn’t very effective.

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