How to Make A One Way Window (+ A Interrogation Room Design and Ideas for Use)

One way interrogation windows are seen in almost every interrogation scene you can think of. They basically are put between 2 rooms, the interrogation room and the viewing room. The people in the interrogation room see only a mirror while the people in the viewing room have a window through to the interrogation room.
It is a very simple setup so this guide will also give instructions on how to make/design a classic interrogation room. Which is also simple…why is this so easy… Anyway
Let’s begin! Gimkit Gim

Interrogation Room Design

For the outline you first want to make sure the interrogation room isn’t too big. The viewing room can be any size you want however I like to make it only a little bit bigger then the interrogation room. Here is the outline I used for my rooms.

You can change it up if you want but there is a limit as to how big the rooms can be.


Any terrain works for the rooms, depending on the feel you want, however for mine I used light scraps for the interrogation room and dark scraps for the viewing room, like this

Terrain is also really simple, just like the rest of this guide.


Like everything else you can do what you want for decoration, but I’m gonna make this guide longer by talking about how I would do it. Even if its really really really bad.
Your going to want/need
1x Round White Marble Table
1x Dark Rectangle Table
cough anyway
2x Dark Office Chair
2x Light Office Chair
2x Text
1x Metal Briefcase
1x Computer
1x Bicycle Rack
3x Horizontal Barrier (Prop)
1xBarrier (Device)

Interrogation Room

First place your round white marble table in the interrogation room, go to appearance, tint, and make it a light gray, you may have to shrink it down but place it in the middle of the room with enough space for the gims to walk around either side.
Next place the 2 light office chairs on either side of the table. You can tint them gray if you want.
Get a text device and move it to the above layer, pull out your emojis and type the paper and pencil one, I believe it is called “memo” but I am unsure. Place it on whichever side of the table you want the interrogator to be, then, depending on that side of the table place a metal briefcase next to the chair. Here is what I made but yours could look really different.

Viewing Room

I don’t know what to call this room other then viewing room so :person_shrugging: oh well. Anyway, place down the long black rectangular table thingy anywhere you want in the room, I did near the top right corner. Place a text device and use emoji’s again to put a donut on the table, because detail I guess. Next to it place the computer prop and tint it gray, the table should look like this
Next grab your 2 dark office chairs. Place them anywhere in the room.
Shrink down your bicycle rack and place it in a corner as a vent.
Finally its time to design the window!
Shrink and place your prop barriers in a row on the wall between the rooms, like this.
Then take your barrier (device) and tint it black, turn off border and then shrink it so it fits over the 3 barriers like this
Make sure you set the transparency to 1.
Here is my final result

Code (If Not Wanting to Design Room My Way Go Straight Here)

Its time for the code! Another easy thing that is the whole point of this guide but since its so simple I decided to make the guide longer and add random stuff related to the code.
All you will need is a camera zone, just make sure the interrogation room is small.
Shrink the camera zone down to the size of the interrogation room. But make sure it doesnt overlap into the viewing room.
Here is the final result

Idea from @ShadowDragon44
However you can also use a zone and a camera point. Using this method costs more memory however the interrogation room can be a little bigger.
First place the camera point where you need it to be, go into the options and put your selected channels into each, I did “Camson” and “camsoff”
Then take your zone, and stretch it along the area in the viewing room where you want the player to be able to walk up and see inside like this
Go into the zones settings and channel “when player enters zone” on the same channel that activates the camera point, then channel “when player leaves zone” on the same channel that deactivates the camera point. Like this
Hopefully this works as I only tested it once cause I didnt have time.

Uses of One Way Windows

One way windows can be used for a lot of things, here is what I could think of
Interrogation Rooms
Spying on other Players
Host Rooms
A Different Way for Spectators to Spectate
If you have a room for players who have been knocked out
Haunted Mansion Paintings
(I cant think of anything else X-X)

Short Final Notes

I put my skill points into coding and not design so my design skills are 0/10.
I honestly don’t expect anyone to use the design part.
But if I don’t put the design part into this guide it will probably be flagged for being too short.
I also DID search and couldn’t find anything so if this guide already exists tell me.


I love it! Also, your room designs are really good! I think that the decoration part helps you keep reading. I do think though you should have a picture of the final result with the camera zone and everything so we can see what it looks like finished!


COOL! Maybe add more uses except for the interrogation room


Thats a good idea! I didnt think of that.
I will add more tomorrow when I dont have to sleep.

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Is that why you’re online all the time!!! You’re avoiding sleep and finding amazing guides like this one!


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Nice guide!
I’ve noticed quite recently that the Camera view that is dominant is the one you most recently entered, I was hoping to see that I hadn’t imagined it. (I saw that I hadn’t)
Something about that should be put in TUGTED


Nice guide! I may use this in a future game!

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Awesome guide, @Sythic!

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  1. No offense but test maps before you post them
  2. Here is why I say that

It BARELY shows anything. And before you ask yes, I set up the camera devices like you did.
3.Why not just use the new camera point devices?


It did work when I tested it. It has worked in both me and my friends maps.
And I dont use the camera point devices because then instead of having to click anything the players can just walk up and see the room. Like it is in shows+movies.
Also a camera point would be more of a security camera, this is a one way window.
I am working on additional things and other uses right now + touching up on parts of the guide.
So if you read it whenever I put the changes hopefully you find something that works for you :+1:

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Fair enough

50/50 for me, I just think it is weird for the player to see themselves, and you could use a zone instead of a button.

In general all points are valid points, so thank you for your time.

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