How To Make A NPC Guard talking in Creative

Step 1 Make a Sentry (Remember to name it)

Step 2 Make a Popup Area (Make It Far Away from the sentry, Steve in our case)

Step 3 Write The Name Of the Sentry in the title of the banner

Step 4 Write What you want the Sentry to say in the small text of the Banner

Step 5 Repeat This as many times as you want! Remember to do Step 2 closer to the guard each time though so it looks like every time the you step closer the guard tells you to stop. Also you don’t have to make Step 4 the same thing every time. I hope you found this useful for your game!

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Maybe add pictures and more details? Other then that, great Guide!

There have been multiple guides about this. Next time, remember to search before you post.

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Thank You for telling me! I am new to the forum so I don’t know much about the forum


No problem! Welcome to the forums! What you will about to go through with some people will be hideous.

That sounds… pleasant

Don’t worry. You’ll get used to it.

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welcome to the forums unknown! This guide is way too short and already has been made, in the future try searching to see if there are similar guides before posting

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