How to make a noise system for one area

I am making a project zomboid game and I was making a weapons case, that is enclosed in glass, so I made a system that you can break the glass, but it will alert or summon more “zombies”, and you can find a key off a zombie, tho it has a two percent chance to drop, and I just thought I might share it

. 1 Button
. 1 Vending machine
. As many sentries as you want when making “noise”
. What you want to unlock or break

Step 1.
Get what you want to break or unlock
Step 2.
Get your vending machine and button on these settings

Vending machine.


Step 3.
Add your sentries and make it these settings

Step 4.
Wire the vending machine to the sentries and make it so they deactivate when bought (only do this step if your vending machine produces on the same channel as the button, mine is to get rid of the crack in the glass)

This is it, I hope you enjoy! (P.S. If a tl3 could make a zombie tag or something like that, I would appreciate it)

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Good job but id make the title shorter… its a mouthful


Nice job!

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