How to Make a message appear when winner wins

Hi guys I’m making a maze map and I want to make it so when someone wins and presses the button, everyone gets a message that’s says, _____ WOn The maze. I have no idea how to do this, plz help.:grin:

When they win, does it end the game?

does the game end when someone wins?

no, its a mini game map so that would not ending it would be best

I just need the message to appear and have all the players teleported to one place.

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zone (player stepped in) → notification (run wire pulse block
zone (player stepped in) → teleporter (teleport)

in the notification’s blocks,

send notification with
title: “Someone won!”
content: create text with
triggering player’s name
“won the maze”

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Sweet that is more simple than I thought!Thanks DXCTYPE!

Le setup


button pressed → run wire pulse block.
make this block in notification

Have button send on whatever channel that ends the minigame.

p >= 10^3w

ok Ill try this thank you!

Ok i made a simple way, get a button and a pop-up.

  1. wire the button to the pop-up, button pressed > run wire pulse block.

  2. Open pop-up settings and press the block

  3. Now press wire pulse

  4. Add this code

  5. Open the button settings under the channel tab, and add a name under when button pressed.

  6. Now add that channel name in the pop-up settings under the channel tab.

I think you said you wanted all players to be teleporter somewhere so add that same channel name under the teleporter settings

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