How to make a merchant

1st, get a sentry go to its settings and make it the team the player using market or seller is on.
If multiple teams are using the sentry just put a barrier so the sentry doesn’t attack other teams. 2nd, get a vending machine go to its settings and make its body disappear and change its price and product into whatever you want and there you go a sentry selling whatever you want.
and this is my first guide
credit CringeKarlScott
and it should look like this you don’t have to use a barrier


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oh i havent seen much guides so i didnt know there was one already


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this is a very short guide, it may get flagged.
please try to add more detail or make it longer

also try organizing it better, maybe make a list of steps
and please add pictures


Yeah, this might get flagged. Please add steps, pictures, and describe it better


If you’re wondering how I do that so quickly:


I ripped it off of yours, yes.

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how do i add pictures

To be honest, we need to stop telling others to credit users if they didn’t get inspiration or help from them. I think a better idea would be to say something like “You might want to include a link to *insert guide link here * as an alternate method to yours”


You see the smile emoji at the top of the text box? There is a thing that looks like a mountain range and sun in a box. Click that, and you can upload a photo.

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I renamed this to “How to make a merchant”, as that is more clear.

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how do i get a picture

Go to your game, click Ctrl+Shift+ the windows button to make a screenshot.

I don’t have a windows button

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If you are using a Mac, click Command+Shift+[5, 4, or 3]

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