How to make a melee weapon (Kind of?)

Idea for make melee weapons with health:

  1. Go to your tag device and turn of respawn player
  2. Make a property called “Health”
  3. Wire (or use channels) the tag zone to a trigger so when player gets tagged, trigger
  4. Run some block code in the trigger
If   | get property (Health) = 0             | then
Do   | Broadcast message on channel (respawn)
     | Set property (Health) 
       Value: 100
Else | Set property (Health)
       Value: get property (Health) - 10
  1. Have a force respawn that runs on channel “respawn”

That’s it! Ten lives!

This is sort of like what I did for the player/enemy health

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Just without the tag zone? Also, you could use items to represent health if you want.

I made a text maybe I’ll add a text overlay, I linked it so that a button will run code, that decrements a different self-made health system

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Nice! Now let’s stop, this is getting off-topic from the original guide.

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this is very smart!!!
it’s a similar mechanism to the one used in my among us killing system guide

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I didnt relize you had a similar system, should I credit you?

Nice job!

Psuedo health.

well, no, you dont need credit if you didn’t use the guide to make this
i just noticed that it’s a similar system
if you didn’t even know the guide existed you def dont need credit


Just a thought- is there a way to detect when the player clicks on their screen?


Only way is overlays

Because gimkit creative, you can also do enter with buttons, and there is no when clicked block

I was thinking like a weapon firing could be used to detect clicks or something- idk though, this isn’t my area of expertise.

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I know from experience, I made a clicker game

Hmm, maybe…. But it would look awkward

Off topic let’s stop

What do you mean? It’s related to the guide- clicks can be used to activate the tag zone and deal damage if the players are close enough. This simulates some sort of sword based fighting, and could also allow for some sort of blocking system.

Not really it’s about melee weapons…


Did you become the new off-topic police??