How to make a medieval catapult: Difficulty 0/10 (⬜)

Place down a blackboard leg:

Then place down another blackboard leg:

Screenshot 2024-03-05 121224

Next, place down a wooden bowl:

Screenshot 2024-03-05 121533

Now place down a wooden table:

Screenshot 2024-03-05 121938

Then place down four wooden plates:

Screenshot 2024-03-05 122454

The tint on this is 67 R, 20 G, 20 B.
Uses 3/4 of a percent of memory. (000.075 of all memory)

Tada! I have a mechanism that can help you launch things, but I’m not going to include it here. Maybe in a later post.

Please tell me what you think, or if you have feedback. Hope this helps!


welcome back @BaconBitz!
nice guide you have here!
I suggest adding the tints you used
also I removed ideas that is only for Help topics

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here include this guide How to make an animation
and say use this to make it seem like its actually shooting, and just have lasers inside that activate as the ammo goes to a certain place.

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Maybe add like a sentry arming it, a spot for ammo to load.
add shields like to protect it, a flag or two to state allegiance.
maybe some wood connected to horses to pull it? Or bulls to pull it?

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Great ideas, thanks @Legobuilder

Ok. (67, 20, 20 is the tint)

Good guide! I will use this in a castle part of my build!

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are artist only allowed to help with thumbnails in your guide?

Thanks! I used it in one of my maps to launch a tractor lol

Nice! That is an… interesting idea. lol

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what do you want to do?

was going to help with the first one

  1. Quimblo’s thumbnail
    i need thumbnail of a blue gim facing 8 thrones
    the gim has a sword (foam)
    @Foxy sorry it took me so long to respond. I was afk.

I can list you as an artist and sure

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how do I give them image since its closed again?
It was quite easy as it was vague and not much told to do…

they told me something about a cave when I tried
also edit it and ping them

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first whats your opinion?
considering I barely had anything to go off of.

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remove the kings
The map is a collab between me and quimblo and all the gods are bugs and he doesn’t want to spoil them so can you leave them empty and perhaps make the gim larger?

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and i would delete last post so others don’t see spoiler then.
is there anything else I should add?

considering the name it’s kinda obvious
land of insectia something I forget

so Should i put game name or anything else?