How to make a mario game in gimkit? | Take Some Guesses For The Next School year for Gimkit

Help: How do I make a mario game in gimkit creative? like I thought of that but realized that it will much harder if I don’t get tips or help. so if you have anything to say then please reply to this post.

Guesses For Gimkit Next School Year:

I know this off topic for help category but at least I said what I need help with, anyways what your guess of what gimkit is going to add next school year. (for me I hope new game modes and new ways to get gimbux in gimkit!)


Do you mean a Mario platforming game or something else? It’s hard to make a platforming game on Gimkit, but you could do something that has to do with defeating enemies with weapons. You can have various boxes that can grant you items like better weapons. Just my suggestion.

Gimkit will most likely add new game modes throughout the school year.

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MY GUIDE! :D. I did make a guide featuring Mario