How to make a "light up" sign! (Difficulty 2/10 or 🟩 )

what you will need
separate texts for each letter of the word
triggers (number depends on the word)
wire repeaters (number depends on the word)
life cycle 1
so lets get started first place down a life cycle then place a text down for each letter of the word you are trying to make and place triggers according to the number of letters there are and put delayed wire repeaters inbetween them (set the delay to whatever you want) then wire the lifecycle to the wire repeater and wire repeater to the trigger and once you reach the end make sure to link the last wire back to the first wire repeater so it will loop then put in number channels in the triggers according to the number of letters you have and finally link the channels to the texts like appears on channel 1 and disapears on channel 2 and so on and so forth you can decorate this to be however you want but here is my finished product (i know it aint pretty ive never done sign art b4)

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Nice guide, I am planing on making light bulbs blick like chrismas lights as my next guide so this will be helpful.

Good guide!

Nice guide! I was literally going to do this today!