How to make a laser damage everyone except for one person

My Idea is to make a tycoon like the one in roblox where you have to go over the red circle to get a dropper now I already figured out all the dropper stuff but I wanted to add a laser door but it can’t hurt the person who has owned it.

why not use a zone, and then a damaged device?

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Thank you I will try that

how do you make a single person not be affected by the laser

so I have the zone that when you go in it, it attempts to purchase a vending machine that will transmit on channel so I wired the vending machine to the zone where the damage is supposed to happen

to activate the zone when the vending machine is purchased sry for the cut out.

I would use a laser bc zones dont have a active scope. Get a lifeycle, relay, and a laser. Make the laser active on game start and have a active scope of player (if it doesnt have a scope then mb but i have an alternate solution). Make sure the lifecycle listens for game start and the relay is set to specific team and the team number is whatever team the tycoon player is. When lifecycle event occurs, trigger relay. Relay triggered, deactivate laser.

laser beam

Laser beam:
Damage Dealt: 0
Active on Game start: yes

triggered by collision: no
scope: player
visible in game: no
active on game start: yes

damage dealt: (the amount you want to laser to deal)

now wire them up with wires (duh):
laser beam, trigger: player hit by laser —> trigger
trigger, damager: triggered —> damage player

when the person buys the dropper, (I am guessing with vending machine), it deactivates the trigger:

vending machine, trigger: item purchased —> deactivate trigger

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do lasers have a scope setting?

nope… sadly…

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I dont get why theyd dont add scope to most of the devices instead of just a select amount.


yah, they really should add scope to initiators of actions.


If you know very little about Gimkit Creative, I recommend checking out the gimkit-beginners tag.


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Just curious, who?

And the solutions so far should work.

not as in someone on the forums, a player in the game
lol i also thought he had beef

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