How to make a laser beam invisible?

Screenshot 2024-05-20 3.50.05 PM

The ends? It’s in the all options tab.

Click on the laser and select Laser Color, put it to black. You Are Done!!:partying_face:

don’t use the resolved tag. that was made before solutions came out…
do what slimartist said and where it says show path in the settings turn it to no


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The ends of the laser and the dots are in the options!

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Btw how do you make a sliding transition like what you had on your profile?

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simple transitions from clipchamp or something like that probably


Oh ok, so just insert a video file in there or something?

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I got a bunch of images together then imported them to Canva (or anything but I use Canva). After, I just tweaked the speeds, added the simple built-in transition and exported it as a gif!

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go to settings, do this.
Screenshot 2024-05-20 7.20.46 PM
It should be invisible when inactive. If you want to laser players with invisible mechanics, use a zone.

I was not going to say “laser players” but…
Screenshot 2024-05-20 7.22.30 PM

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ik this is salty but what’s the point of repeating what people’ve said

the only reason I added this is because getting rid of the end points don’t make the laser all the way invisible

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