How to make a King of the hill Styled game

Based off this Community Made Guide:

1x Zone
1x Repeater
1x Counter
1x Property
1x Starting Inventory
1x Notification (Optional)

  1. Get out a Zone Device, this will be our “Summit”

  2. Set the Size of the Zone to how big you want the “Summit” to be.

  3. In the Zones settings, open the Channels browser and set it to look like this:

  4. Get out a Repeater and set its settings to this:

  5. Get out a Property Device and set its settings to this:

  6. Get out a Counter, Open the Property browser, and:
    Set it to update a property
    The property to update should be the name of the property on the property device (SecondsOnSummit)

  7. Wire the Repeater to The Counter (Repeater Runs Task - Increment Counter)

  8. Get a Starting Inventory Device set it to grant any weapon you would like.

NOTE: Make sure the score the leaderboard tracks is the value of the “SecondsOnSummit” Property.

BONUS: This is where the Notification Device comes in.
Get out the device and create a new block that runs when receiving on the “StartRepeater” Channel, set the layout to this:

Create another Block that runs when receiving on the “StopRepeater” Channel, and set the layout to this:

You should also set the Notification type to “Info”

And your done! Anything to say? Tell me in the reply’s! Thanks and goodbye!


Nice guide!

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Great guide!

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alright not trying to be off-topic but you shouldn’t give a voter number reached as a deadline (and especially not that high of a number)


Great guide!

Good job! This is a cool guide!

This guides AWESOME, thanks dude!

Bruh bump moment right now

This King of the Hill guide makes it so that multiple people can become King. Anyone know how to fix that?

At the first blocks I didnt know what blocks they were

for an iPad that’s pretty good!

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