How to make a jail?

I am making a Hide N’ Seek map.I want to it so when a person gets found they go to jail and in order to get out their teammate has to save them. How do I do this?


Make a jail and a property that shows if a team member is there so use the block get player team if the player has the same team as the one in jail and doesn’t get tagged then they can both go safely.

or, jail

What do I use to do this? Please explain it more

What do you mean? How to use a property?

JK, you could have a way where if someone gets close, a popup shows, and you can click a call to action button that would teleport the opposite player to jail.

@wingwave @WolfTechnology @Haiasi You know what to do.

Make the whole map a tag zone for the seeker team, and put a respawn in the jail.

What do you not understand about it?