How to make a hemophobia friendly (fear of blood) Map option

so to make a map with blood hemophobia friendly (fear of blood) you need to follow these instructions

  1. make a life cycle device and set it to game start, then put it on transmit on a channel with no other devices.
  2. make a popup explaining your map and putting that it has blood.
  3. use the call to action buttons and put one as: got it or yes and other as: um, I am afraid of blood or I am afraid of blood.
  4. connect the “afraid of blood button” to a channel.
  5. put down a teleporter and put the channel option “teleport here when receiving on” as the same channel as the afraid of blood button channel.
  6. then make a channel connected to the teleporter option “when player is teleported here transmit on” to a channel.
  7. make another popup to open when the “when player is teleported here transmit on” channel turns on. then make the popup explaining that the map has blood and that the player should either talk to the game host or start playing again. put 1 call to action button and make it say I am ready to go back. then connect the teleporter to the channel and then you are good!

I see very little use for this, if someone is afraid of blood they can just leave to game…

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Yes, but what if they are doing it for like a homework or something? I also just did this so everyone can to this.

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idk if blood is even allowed at all, this is in the gimkit content guidelines:


I’m confused how to even make it

well, It is really the dirt prop with the red tint but If it not allowed I will take it out

How do you make the popup? :expressionless:

I am also working on the take the blood away option

you go to the devices and put in popup :expressionless:

@Blackhole927 this map also has not released yet so thanks for the reminder

download (28)
if you had blood in your map and wanted to hide it why not just take the blood out of the game?? i mean you have to if you want to publish it without it being taken down otherwise you would just have to share the showcase each time you wanted some one to play it…
and yeh the blood option cant really be a thing it has to be taken out of the game since it is considered ¨graphic¨

i fixed the title, (it was too long and confusing)

It can be used as an option for people if they want blood in the game or not.

yeh ik (slow mornin just woke up dont have the urge to read or write essays today… -_-)

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thanks buddy… …

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also it is a horror game.

bro i read the title too fast and thought it said homophobia
im so stupid :sob:

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I think this would work better with arachnophobia or acrophobia, because they’re technically family - friendly, so you don’t have to worry about community guidelines.

I have also seen maps with a lot of plays with blood