How to make a heist showcase robbery (idk what to call it) [4/10 🟨]!

Say, are you making a bank robbing game, but just can’t figure out how to make a showcase that has the object on display, starts a counter to an alarm when you break into it, while granting you the item? Then this is the guide for you!

First you will need,
-1x Repeater
-2x Notification
-2x horizontal fence
-2x Vertical fence
-5x Buttons
-2x item granter
-1x prop of your choosing (i chose basketball)
-8x Wires
-1x 4 by 4 tile of your choosing(you don’t need the tile, but whatever)
Let’s get building!

First, place the four fence needed to form a square (Make the bottom fence able to be broken, go to the damage tab on the fence and enable it) (Doesn’t need to be perfect!)
Like this,

Then, you will need to place four buttons around the prop of your choosing, i chose a basketball. Now, I placed the basketball in the middle of the square, then place the buttons around it at an equal distance (I forgot to tell you this, but please make the prop small, if it’s big it can block the buttons off.)
Like this,

Next, place a repeater and a counter. Have the starting value of the counter be whatever number you need it to be. Then, go to the “Target” tab at the top. Enable the target value, then put the target value to 0. Your done with the counter, now for the repeater. On the repeater menu, go down till you see the task interval, change it to one (One second). Then, go down a little more till you see the Time to run, change the number to the number you used for the starting value of the counter. You’re done!

Now, the notifications. Place down two notifications. Click on one of them, change the notification title to 'Alarm sounding in 10 seconds!" or “Alarm sounding in 50 seconds!” It doesn’t matter how long it is, but change the number that you used in the notification to the starting value of the counter. For the other notification, change the notification title to “Alarm sounded!” This notification will show when the counter reaches 0, the other one will show when the counter starts going down.

Second to last thing, the item granter. It’s easy, place an item granter, change the item in the granter to whatever. Wire it up to the buttons. It should say this when you wire them up (Button pressed → Grant item)
It should look like this now,

Lastly! The wires, this is the longest part, so hang in there with me. First wire up the bottom fence to the Notification that says alarm sounding in… like this (Prop destroyed → Send Notification) Then make a new wire starting with the fence that ends with the repeater like this (Prop destroyed → Start repeater) Wire the repeater to the counter like so (Repeater runs task → Decrement counter) Lastly, wire the counter to the notification that says “Alarm sounded” like so (Target value reached → Send notification)!! You’re done! (To test it place a granter that grants a weapon, hook it up to the button so it says (Button pressed → Grant item )then fire the weapon at the breakable Fence)

It should look like this when its finished,

MAJOR thanks to ClicClac for the timer! i couldn’t do it without it!

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Well, actually, you could have just one button. Great guide!


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Nice job! This is really cool!

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I don’t know where I helped, but I guess that I did. Nice guide by the way!

Thanks @ClicClac! I saw your post in “How to make an alarm” help post explaining how to make it, thats where you came in lol!


Yeah, if you go into the buttons setting and click change size, one of the size tabs will let you extend the blue zone, which is the range that the player will be able to interact with the button.

I added 4 buttons because the person that breaks into the display, can break in from any which way, so yeah. I just did the bottom part damage enabled bc i’m lazy and don’t want to do something I can do with one :yawning_face:

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Maybe make the fence that’s breakable have a thing to show it’s breakable, like making it more trasparent. (I’m not necroposting because I did a reusible bump)

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