How to make a good tag game!

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So you can do it this way if you want to do it this way.

Is this it? Because this guide is too short I suggest adding more to prevent getting flagged.


Ok I got it THEHACKER120

Literally everyone knows how to do this…This wasn’t really helpful. You’ll probably need to explain the steps and add pictures, unless you want it to get flagged.

So also you need a good tag based game so you need
1 tag zone(depends on the map size) and add a bunch of props.
And you can go with the way that I am working on that where I have 4 gamemodes inside my frozen theme

I’m on a phone. Are you Shure about that?

Just edit the original post.

Chill, gimgamer1 is a new user.

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How did you know that?

He should have read the community guidelines and everything else tho. Being new does not give you an excuse to break the rules.

I will give them a link to the tos, and faq

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I have read them and they are so boring

Ok I will try to add pictures

Oh, ok col :slight_smile:

This has already been made multiple times and is way too short. Very high likely will be flagged.

I suggest you add pictures :+1:

Got it I’m on gimkit now