How to make a good april fools prank for my friend in gimkit

I need help pls help me this is not a prank (note this is here because i had to put 20 chars)

I can help, I know some stuff, what do you need?

um im confused how is that the solution when you asked how can you help?

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That’s what I’m saying, But I didn’t want to say it cause I thought it was off- topic.

no your fine to say that, but i think it was just a prank.

what game mode is it

Maybe it is, but the first message says its not so idk

who really knows

if it is PvP then give your self god mode and give yourself a legendary weapon on game start and give them a common weapon on game start

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that’s just trolling

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Common zapper would be good. :laughing:

Trolling is pranking, right?

Two things:

  1. For the 20 characters just put < + > (put letters inside of them, it makes it so you can just spam like h’s and no one will see it)
  2. It’ll be hard because you can’t interact with anything + if you’re doing platforming you will jump to the moon with pressing w once.
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oh your right it is

sort of but thats just sad and abusing the creator powers

Well, trolling is slightly different then pranking but I don’t know how to say the difference.

Ohh ok.

Bro why is ur profile that, I was so confused I did not look at the name. U got me XD.

lol april fools cyan!

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ah ok


planned out