How to make a goo sort of thing dripping from the walls

This is my first art guide. (not expecting to ever make an art guide.)

Make the wall. (of course)

Place a lot of metal poles going from top to bottom:
Screenshot 2024-03-05 6.03.29 PM
Add onto the poles:
Screenshot 2024-03-05 6.04.04 PM
Place dirt at the bottom:
Screenshot 2024-03-05 6.05.56 PM
Add more dirt, and make the dirt darker the closer it gets to the metal poles. (goo)
Screenshot 2024-03-05 6.07.00 PM

Finished product


I see a lot of art guides and think, “why would I need this?”

  1. Making a factory
  2. Making an area look ruined
  3. Making an alleyway
  4. Making a small corner of an area and adding detail

Nice. Maybe use layers and bright spots to imitate light reflecting but real nice, @gimmaster12345!!! Can’t believe it’s your first art guide!

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It kinda looks more like a vine, but nice guide! :slight_smile:


very slimey… I lOvE it! haha, there seems to be that “evil company using contraband chemical vibe” just a little

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Maybe you could extend the prop to use less maybe?

But then it gets wider too, and you don’t want it wide.

Thanks @gimmaster12345 I can add this to my abandoned factory now :slight_smile:

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