How to make a gaming PC

You will need two text devices, a desk, a stadium ad base, a television(on), a 3d printer and a pan.
For the first text device, just put a purple square emoji. This will be the mousepad.
The second text will have a bunch of [s and ]s
Probably 3 rows of them, like this

If you edit the sizes of the props and put them in the right place, you’ll get this

also, if you have problems with the layering, here’s this to help out

the highlighted text in the layering is the purple mousepad


wow, this looks awesome!
all that pc is missing is some rgb…
needless to say, this is a super innovative way to use props!

great Guide!

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guys I don’t want arguing in this post

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don’t worry, I’m not going to argue about something so light lol.

yeah its not that deep
but I am jealous of your self esteem tho

btw you can do things with the screen if you want
like put text and make it look like somebody is playing a game

nothing wrong with valuing yourself. :+1:

I have a weird glitch and I can walk on the desk

Screenshot 2024-05-16 4.18.45 PM
I just made the computer. It’s a man saluting.

:saluting_face: use this instead

I know. But, o7 is more…forumy.

realistically, you can look at cameras on a computer, right?

I just made this and I want to use it with the computer

maybe a button and the new camera point device?

But nice guide! This PC looks really cool, a rgb gaming seat would fit perfectly with this, or emojis to add a game to the PC! I love the creativity with the keyboard, and it looks really cool! Slap on a black barrier over that desk and use the desk as a guide, and you can have a epic gaming table!

I know how to do the devices, I meant if it would be possible in real life. I guess it is so I’ma keep doing it
also thx

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you forgot the mousepad lol