How to make a game with specific number of players!

There are 2 methods for this one Method 1 will take up a bit more memory while Method 2 which probably no one wants is just that it will end the game if there are too many people so choose which method you want by first reading it!.

Method 1

First place a spawn pad where you want the players to spawn at the start of the game (common sense lol) and then you want a place a trigger directly underneath it and make it have these settings:

Once done add an item granter that grants and make it grant a random item (only one) that will not be used in the game on channel “specific players”. Like this:

Now add a lifecycle that has an event of game starts and then add another trigger with these settings:

Now wire the lifecycle to the trigger so that when even occurs it will trigger the trigger (you can also use channels if you want to (they are honestly better)).

Now get a relay that has a relay audience of all players and get a checker as well that will check for the 1 bait the specific number of player have and while you are at it get a team switcher that switches the player to the spectators team.
Like this:

With all that wire the trigger that you just put with the 0.5 delay to the relay and then wire the relay to the checker and then wire the checker to the team switcher that if check fails —> switch player to configured team.

That’s it you are done this is Method 1 check the optional slide if you want the item to be gone from the player’s inventory.


This is for deleting the items from the inventory of the player if you want and there are 2 ways to do it

First create a new trigger that has these settings:

Then wire from a lifecycle that you created before that had an event of game starts to this trigger and then what do on from here is a choice. You can either add a relay that has an audience of all players and add an item granter that grants -1 of the it you chose like this:

Then wire the trigger to the relay and then the relay to the item granter
or you could
Add a relay that has an audience of all players then add a item inventory manager that has the default functions and manages the item you use and then wire the trigger to the relay and the relay to inventory item manager when the relay triggered —> clean item from inventory.

I would recommend the first option because it saves memory!
That’s it this all of Method 1!!!

Method 2

First add a lifecycle that has an even of game starts and then add a relay that has an audience of all players and then make a counter with these settings:

Then make the property for the players and then add a end game device and a checker which will check the property you have to be equal to the max number of players you want in your game.

Then wire the property to the checker so that whenever property value changes it check the property value and wire the checker to the end game device so if the check fails it will then end the game. (Very very boring and probably the players would hate it; lol)

So thats Method 2 I hope you had a nice time reading this guide and found it very helpful!!

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Wow no replies that fantastic + let me know of there are nay mistakes plz

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Good Job! I think the reason there are no replies is because this is a fairly simple system. BUT this is a pretty good guide in general, keep up the good work!


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Nice guide
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