How to make a Game Similar to Clash Royale but YOU fight! | Difficulty 5/10

Hi! I don’t think there are any guides like this, so I’m making it!

Note: Make sure to number EVERY DEVICE, or you will probably lose track of every device in the Wiring

You will need:
The thing you are defending(I recommend a shield or a filing cabinet) 3x

Your Field

Something like this:

Property 3x

Property Number 1:

Property Number 2:

Property Number 3(Optional):
Name: Widget
Type: Text

Starting Inventory 1x

Grant 1 of whatever Weapon you want to give

Trigger 7x

For Trigger 4 and 7, make sure to have 30 second delay or however long you want to wait.

Trigger 1:

Red Triggers:
Trigger 2:

Trigger 3:

Trigger 4:

Blue Triggers:
Trigger 5:

Trigger 6:

Trigger 7:

End Game 1x

End game when receiving on ‘End’

End Game Widget 1x(Optional)

Type: Statistic
Placement: Primary
Property: Widget

Sentry 6x

For Sentries, make sure to wire their corresponding shield to them, so that if the shield is destroyed, the sentry deactivates.
The “King Sentries” should be at the shield with the most health(Yeah, activate damage for the shields). The Regular ones should be at the side. The King Sentries should also have more accuracy. Examples are below.
Also, the Health of the Sentry doesn’t matter. Only the Health of the Shield.

Team Red Sentries:
Sentry 1:

Sentry 2:

Sentry 3:
Same as Sentry 1

Team Blue Sentries:
Sentry 4:
Same as Sentry 1 and 3, just Team 2 and named ‘Blue Soldier’

Sentry 5:
Same as Sentry 2, just Team 2 and named ‘The Blue King’

Sentry 6:
Same as Sentry 4

Easier Stuff

Lifecycle 1:
Event: Game Start

Lifecycle 2:
Event: Player Knocked Out

Keep it

Notification 1:

This is for Red

Notification 2:

This is for Blue

Notification 3(Optional):

Make a small gap where you will enter on each team’s side. Make sure the barriers fit in the gap, one on each side.
Barrier 1:

This is for red

Barrier 2:

Blue Barrier ^


Lifecycle 1 → Relay: Event occurs → Trigger Relay
Relay → Notification 3: Relay Trigger → Send Notification

Lifecycle 2 → Trigger 1: Event Occurs → Trigger

Okay, after, like, 4 2/3 days, I finally finished this!
I hope you like this!


Nice guide! Hope you can complete it!

Thanks! I’m working on it now! Do you think I should add self-protecting sentries though?

I didn’t know you were a girl I am too


Mmm self protecting sentries sound cool yeah you should

lol no one does


This looks nice! Good luck!

Nice Guide! (hehehaha)
Will there be towers that fight or will the player fight and take random roles of the towers, kinda like the unlisted quadrakill post?

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Good job on this guide @Blizzy ! Hope you will have time to complete it, and looking forward for its completion! (currently bookmarked)

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The Player will fight and respawn with cooldown to enter. I’m still figuring it out


Also do you think I should use sentries?

Probably because they’re stationary and can’t grief people.

Nice guide so far! Good to see you using the newly added props!

Okay, someone tell me.

Should I have a tower, like a shield, or just the tower as a Sentry?
  • Shield(Or other Prop)!!!
  • Sentry!!!
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I FINALLY finished making the game. Now it’s time to make the guide!!!

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This is awesome! Nice guide!



Wow! This is really cool! Good job!

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