How to make a Game overlay (button) visible to only a certain team?

Apr 2 - I am making a jail escape creative map and I want to have game overlays (buttons) to teleport to specific places. There are two teams. Guards and prisoners. Only the guards should have these buttons. But the prisoners also have them. Can someone help me find a way to make it where only one team can use overlay?

Set the scope of the overlay to team, not global. Here, I am going to assume that guards are team 1, and prisoners are team 2. Make the overlay hidden on game start, and place down a lifecycle and relay. Have the relay relay on the behalf of team 1, and it should only show for guards after. Oh and connect the relay to the overlay to show it.

Ok. I think it worked. I need to test team two.

It worked! Thank you!

If you want to see the map when it releases, the name is ThebestMap 15 (Escape Room)

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