How to make a functional trash can! 1/10 or 🟦

ANOTHER TRASH BIN: How to make a trash bin that removes ALL of your items (Difficulty:3/10 or🟩)
Items needed:
1 x Trash bin
1 x button
? x item granters
Place down the trash bin, next place down the button, and make it say “Throw away all items.”

Make it non visible, next make it Broadcast on channel “Throw” Most games use 1 primary item, but if you have more, I’ll explain at the end. Place down your item granters (lets say my game only has cash.) I would make the item granters great cash, and make it grant -99999999(etc.) of it.

Make it grant it when receiving channel “Throw” If you have more items just repeat! But replace the cash with the other item! It’s an easy way for players to drop all of their items!


Nice job! I suggest crediting this guide, though.

I didn’t even see that! My bad, let me read the guide first though!

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Make it so that when you throw away things it adds one to a counter, and then if the counter is above zero you can eat the trash to heal and it resets the counter

Because goofy

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Wait, how do I credit it, do I like add the link to the post, I’ll try that!

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You say “thanks to _____ for giving me the idea”

Very nice mechanic! I need to put this into some of my games!

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Nice guide!

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I can’t believe that this is a thing…

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I think that this is a great idea for a trash can, but I made one that only removes one item. You need a Molten Lava Bucket, and a zone with item decay enabled. Then put the lava bucket or trash can into the zone and players just have to drop their items onto the zone and it deletes the dropped item. This is a really great guide so, props to you my guy!


Im sorry, I will try to make better guides :cry:

Great guide

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It’s not that, its the fact that this was thought of, nothing wrong with it.

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