⛲ How To Make a Fountain (credits: @tspentakota)

Hello! This is a tutorial on how to make a fountain! The original guide was made by @tspentakota ! Don’t forget to check theirs out too: How to make a fountain

💦 Steps
⛲ Step One

First, make the outline of your fountain with wall terrain. If you do what I did, make the outer ring layer lower (2), and the inner ring layer middle (3).

💦 Step Two

Add water of any color you would like, the layer is bottom (1). Also, add a circle barrier in the middle of your fountain (make any color you want).

⛲ Step Three

Add (as may) text and change it to :sweat_drops: or :droplet: (change size if needed). Arrange as shown. In layers, set it above the barrier.
step3 fountain

💦 Step Four (Optional)

If you want it to look like water is pouring off the sides, use barriers as shown:
step4 fountain

⛲ Ideas
💦 Decorate

You can add things like bushes, flowers, etc. around you’re fountain! I didn’t add anything around mine so I don’t have a picture of it.

⛲: How To Make a Fountain 2

Here’s the easy version: First, get text. Then, use :fountain:. Make it bigger. Good job! :scream:
idea fountain

You’re done! I hope you enjoyed making your own fountain! Have a nice day/night! :smile:


Bravo, @x.mochi ! Also when you were doing credits in the title you spelled it wrong. There’s no E. But overall, I love it and it looks so much neater. Nvm, you fixed the title.


Thank you so much! I think you explained it much better in your guide!


I love you’re guide though, also the result came out realll cute!! :slight_smile:

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Nice Guide, @x.mochi!
You can also use Ice Barriers (the prop) and maybe tint them aswell?

I got this idea from WhereIsMyHat one time in the wixsite


Thank you!
Great idea! I’ll have to check that out some time!


nice gudie, but its not 3D, @tspentakota made hers(correct me if im wrong on that) 3D.


Nope, you’re right. It is 3D but I love her 2D one! So cute! Also, @WolfTechnology , I thought you were making one today?

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Thank you! Yes, @tspentakota did.

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Nice art guide! This will be useful for things like decor!

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I am , but i am busy, i make about 5 maps a day, help on about 10 different maps, and make about 15 different custom props a day. So I don’t have time. And now with the Agim Us map releasing and the youtube collab, i just don’t have almost any time for other projects.


Thank you! I’m glad you liked it!


Niiiiice guide!

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Amazing guide! I suggest using a blue barrier instead of white to make it look more like water.

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Thank you!!!


Thanks! Yeah, I thought about that, but I guess I didn’t do it? :sweat_smile: