How to make a finish counter displayed at the end 2/10

Not a player counter. It ends the game once 5 people have completed it. And may have some drawbacks, but I’ll leave those for you innovators. It is really simple and allows players to see amongst everyone how many people completed the game. NOTE: YOU CAN ALSO USE BUTTONS IN PLACE OF ZONE FOR MEMORY.

You will need:

  • 1 Property labeled “finishers”
  • 1 End of Game Widget
  • 1 Counter
  • 1 zone
  • 1 End Game (not pictured)

Let’s start with the zone. You only need to do 1 thing to it: when player enters zone, transmit on finishedPlayer as seen below.

Then the counter. Increment the counter on finishedPlayer. Then go to the property tab. Make it update the property “finishers.” Set the target to 5 as well, and when it reaches the target, make it transmit on “finishers=5.” We’ll get to that later. The property “finishers” should be a number with a default value of 0.

Apply the settings below to the End of Game Widget.

Now the end game should activate on “finishers=5.”

You’re done! That was simple! It teaches you the value of the property, how the counter and property work well with each other, and how a set of 5 devices can do amazing things without block code. This basic mechanism without the end game and end-of-game widget can be used for many other things. Please find any bugs and I will fix them ASAP. Also reply any uses you find. Thanks for checking in! (first guide in a while…)

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good job! this is very cool but at the same time simple enough for most ppl to make!

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if its useful simple guides are great
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This can also be modified to make almost anything with properties and a EGW. (end of game widget) Super helpful!

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One of 2 decent guides I’ve made. Thx for feedback!

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Good job man keep up the guides!

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thanks for the encouragement! please check poll at end of guide.

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