How to make a fast firing gadget?

Yeesh—that’s pretty much impossible. You can’t edit or change weapons. You can definitely change the rarity, though, which changes the firing rate and damage.


rarity does not change fire rate

there is actually a settings toggle for weapon recharge

HA! Forget everything I just said. Nevermind.

So it’s impossible to have a machine gun with out having to spam something?

@getrithekd do you have any possible solution?

You give ammo one at a time while having instant reloads. I haven’t gotten it to work though.

you can go into game settings and disable recharge, so then weapons can fire very fast.

blasters are ideal for this

@CassiusDoomlorde , I need a machine gun without spamming.

just hold down leftclick

@CassiusDoomlorde , I’m trying to make it so you don’t have to do anything, if you hold it in your hand, it automatically fires.

you can’t do that

that’s impossible since:

  1. no way to detect what you’re holding
  2. no way to automatically fire any gun without user input
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What I said. So—yeah.

Okay, thanks @getrithekd !

also, guns aren’t really taken lightly to the mods, that is unless they changed the rules for it.

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True, I will change the title for you.

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Use a blaster or zapper and a damage motifier.

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this could help you make some other gadget a machine:

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