How to make a fake XP system (to trick your friends into thinking they got XP from playing your game)

i’m probably gonna get hate for this because it may be obvious…

Felt like you want to trick your friends? Well, if you want it to “grant” XP to their XP level, then you got the right place to do this trick!


First off, we’ll need to build a room and a button that only interacts ONCE. The XP Trick cannot be able to say x2, x3, or like that.

(for you, idiots, the code is expired, so don’t even try getting on.)

Lovely house, isn’t it?

Now let’s add the button, mine will be a “searching desk” thing.

Doing the same thing?

Here we go!

Get 1 button and a popup (and also an item granter if the player will get an item after searching something).
Click on the popup, and make the popup info the player that they found something. I’ll just make mine random.
Now, go to the call to action section, and add “Close”.

Alright, now, for the wires, make the button connect to the popup (pressing Z), and make this:

Button Pressed -------------------------> Open Popup

And after that, connect the popup to the item granter.

Popup Closed ------------------------------> Grant Item

Now, for the fake XP part, we can’t just put a random text saying “+931284732984234 XP - YOU POSTED SOME RANDOM GUIDEL OLODLDGJLKFJGLKJFGKLJFG”, but, it would be obvious, so we could use…


I know, you’re going to hate me on this, but trust me, just tell the people josh added the XP update and you made the style “Notifications”, instead.

Now, we need to change the notification’s subtitle and title. Make both of them like this:

And you’re done! It would be considered obvious, but i tried my best. Now, let’s see Timmy, the ripoff version of Tim’s POV.

timmy pov lololololol

Timmy find the owner of the E’s house (The power of E!)

Timmy find desk. Timmy search it.

Timmy find blue keycard. Timmy happy.

Timmy become very happy because he get 10000000 XP.
(pretend the number xp thing is 1000000)
Timmy end game. He check reward.

He used be 29 level. It did not upgrade. Timmy range quit.




I don’t think people would like this. It’s obvious, though.

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I do think it’s obvious, but it’s still a cool prank for friends who don’t really know much about how XP works.


Also, welcome to the forums, @maxmlmm14!


Does this need any tags?

like on-topic /j

No don’t use the on-topic tag. Its a joke tag.
You should credit this guide since it came before you.

there’s also one by coral but i’m on an ipad (with a keyboard but that’s irrelevant)

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Oh, I found it.

I used /j, which means joke (i probably think you didn’t know that)

Also, aren’t both of them are in-game XP, and mine’s just a troll one?

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Sorry I didn’t see that. Ik that /j means joke.

Wait meaning those give real xp?

No, fake XP.

For example, timmy gets a notification saying he got 1 billion XP. He checks his levels, but that was just fake.

I am talking about

Update: now I realize

i do think most people wouldn’t fall for this, but there are lots of trollable newbies around
overall, great pictures, pretty short and to the point, and super funny!


I love tricking my friends >:D (Getting evil ideas here) yeah and great guide

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