How to make a Dropper Map in Gimkit Creative

Hopefully, this is not one of like, 1000 other guides…

Hey, guys! I’m here to make Another guide. I know they are boring and long, but I’m going to make this shorter for the sake of my keyboard.

Items Needed:
Laser Beam: A lot
Spawn pad: At least 1
Speed Modifier (Optional): 2

Alright! Let’s get into it!
Make your platform to drop from.
|____ . ____|
Now, make your dropper map out of props, barriers, and other things.
Use this for example:

Now, place a Laser Beam on top of your prop. Set the color to Black and Damage to a very high amount.

Repeat for other props.

Now, place a Barrier.
Set the color to a Blue color. I recommend a lighter blue. See the bottom of the image for information.

Slowing down the player once in the water

OPTIONAL: Speed Modifiers
To slow down the player once inside the water, follow this subtutorial.
Place down a Zone and 2 Speed Modifiers
Wire the zone to the speed modifiers.
When player enters zone → Set player to specific speed.
When player leaves zone → Set player to specific speed.
Grammarly is blowing up right now :slight_smile:
Go to the Speed Modifier Settings. Set the selected speed for the “enter zone” wire to 0.4.
Set the second speed for the “leave zone” wire to 1.0.

Screenshot 2024-04-16 7.55.16 AM

Now you are done with your first level! Repeat this process with your other levels.

Hope this guide was good!

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Ummmmm, this is Minecraft? Anyways nice guide! Remove that tag please and thanks. And this is preeeetty unique.

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I don’t understand where will the laser beams go?

you should use zones overlaping the objects

abouve the props

The laser beams will go on top of the prop. Like this:

Screenshot 2024-04-16 7.59.09 AM

(off centered)

You should make the laser beams broadcast to a respawn device so the players don’t see the damage number.


Hat made a similar guide to this (you can see it here → .), you should probably check it out or link it as an alternate method to yours! (or just credit him lol)


The laser hitbox is large. Hope this helps!

technically, not mc, catsune.

They were pointing out a mistake that I made when making the guide.

No when a player gets damaged, they see a number above the Gim. Making them broadcast to a respawn resolved that.

In that case, you can use a zone instead of a laser beam. Hope this helps!

why is it that small I can barely click it lol.

there are also double jumps for saves @JellyProductions and spots people could go out of bound or glitch outta or double jump outta and somehow reset their double jump without dying? idk where but I just telling u if there is and u should do somethig about it IF THERE IS ONE.