How to Make a Death Screen (and some death messages for it)]

I deleted it. Also I will!

Not that one, as it’s been deleted, but the ones above.

I, sigh I do not know what to say. Something broke and I just lost my will, I will be here, but not? I do not know how to explain it so, just… I don’t know anymore. Forgive my off topic @Dark_Hydra

“Many years
Many more
Never as confusing
As this before
I want to stay
But I should go
What do you think?
Let me know
For it is darkest before dawn
And the crow cries before midnight
So see you again
And with sadness slight
Thank you.”-The Insomniac. For the possible last time.

Sometimes trying isn’t enough.
Welcome to this world
My apologies
Your time has come.
You have not died another time, you simply found another way to not live.
Nothing…left…but emptiness…

“I like trains. Vote for Hat or else you are next” (0.01% chance)


‘you are no play gud, tri hardr’

‘[entire FitnessGram PACER test]’

‘why when has I when the when I you didded’

‘you alived very poorly (alive better nextime)’

“Anticlimactic, The Person!”

Another one, “I guess this life was a simulation. You’ll respawn eventually!”


If I had a nickel for every time this screen had shown up, I don’t know how many nickels I would have become I can’t count. What, did you think I was setting up a joke?

Fun fact: Expired food is radioactive.

Fun fact: You were living up until now because you hadn’t died yet.

now i can taste your ribs :blush:

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" Player name was voluntold to donate blood."
“Player name’s parts were misplaced.”
“Player name was blended into a zesty sauce.”
“Player name’s spine was ripped out.”
“Player name’s living streak was ended.”
“Player name received a forced amputation.”
“Player name’s neck was snapped.”
“Player name was shredded to bits.”
“Player name succumbed to a fatal injury.”
“Player name was informed of their expiration date.”
“Player name’s incompetence was put on display.”
“Player name’s soul was extractinated.”


Those are kinda dark and may scare some kids.

I have seen worse, a spine being ripped out is a bit much. I do agree.


Nice, but Karl said they want narrator pov like “you died” not “____ died”


“holy cow, lois, look at the guy who died!”

"yuor’ unlived…,’ (making these are my favorite)

"alivd yuer knot…, "

“nickels are like treats, they only appear when people like you cease to alived.”

"nickl.,…* dramatic pause * .,.,yum,.,. "

“* unL’eggos your eggo *”


Why do those sound so scary?

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when you spend a lot of time online, you learn how to make things… threatening.

to say the least lol

5 suggestions for death message:

  • bro died :skull:
  • HOW
  • You didn’t die on a easy platform, right?
  • Fun fact: You died.

Hey! Next time eat your veggies cause look what not eating them has got you.
(incredibly true fact)

1.You didn’t get the milk fast enough
2.You thought you were Percy Jackson and trash-talked the gods
3.You were voted out in Among us
4.You weren’t paying attention
5.You thought you weren’t playing
6.You were too busy looking at a mirror
7.You thought you were immortal
8.You got flushed down the drain
9.You thought you were that guy
10.You got caught in 4k
11.You got erased from history
12.Next time don’t play with fire
13.You got caught playing Gimkit in class
14.You landed on a hotel in Monopoly


Check the replies! It literally says that you need to make it as tho a narrator is talking to you, 2nd person not 3rd!

Undeniably the best death message of all time-

You were killed by [Intentional Game Design]


bro stole that from minecraft :skull:

(if you don’t understand, in minecraft if you try to sleep in the nether, it’ll blow up and your death message will show as "(USERNAME) was killed by [Intentional Game Design])