How to make a Death Quiz Show 3/10 (edited)

Ok, my first post, and I don’t have any photos. So, this may be bad.

You do not need a questioner, but you do need:
Triggers, however many questions you want.
Team Switcher.
Pop ups, however many questions you want.
Barriers. Put them in a path to block the way.
Button to end the game (optional)
End Game (optional)

So, make a 1 block wide path, and continue for how long you want. Make an invisible Trigger every once in a while. Make the channel correspond to a question on a pop up. To allow answers on the pop up, go to the “Call to Action” tab. Put in two answers. The correct will a) close the pop up, and b) vanish the barrier you set up. The other will be connected to the team switcher, and that will be set to make you go to the Spectators. At the end, you can put a button connected by a channel to End Game. If this is a bad post, please tell me. I will strive to be a better poster. Tell me how I can improve and if you liked this. Thanks for the time!

Nice start! I love the idea!
Don’t forget to give it the wip tag for work in progress

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Thanks for the advice! I’m new to all of this. Not Gimkit Creative tho.


Oh yeah no problem!

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warning warning warning

you have 1 day to do this

What do you mean? What does that mean?

if this is incomplete, you have 1 day to work on this and then you can’t edit it

I think it is ok for a first post. I will improve later.

ok good

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