How to make a cut scene

My friend @Eeveeborg is making a game I was just wondering how you make a cut scene like if press enter on an object you get a cutscene and is it possible

To make a cutscene, you will need teleporting sentries and use a movement meter so that the player can’t move.

wdmy red teleport im confused

need i think not red

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oh that’s what they mean also is there a guide I can use to make a cut scene

@The_7th_Dragon you there

I dont think there is. You can look it up tho

Sorry. Autocorrect is the bane of my existence.

I thought there was one it got flagged

Yeah it was a how to make an among us cutscene

why did get flag what the reason

It was “too short” i think
This is off topic, lets get back on topic

k sorry how do make it a cut scenes

I don’t believe you can but you can use pixel art. [Idk I’m not the most technical person here lol]

Same im not but yeah

Let me see if I can find something real quick

thank your very kind

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The only one I see is the hidden among us one right now but I can play around with the mechanics in GKC

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thank i’ll make sure to shout you out

K. Ill message you if I find anything