How to make a custom apple prop!

This tutorial, once again is pretty easy and basic. Step one: Get 2 barriers:

Step Two: Color the barrier red

Step 3: Hide the border
Screenshot 2023-10-19 7.50.14 PM
Step Four: Set the shape of the barrier into a Circle
Screenshot 2023-10-19 7.50.14 PM
Step Five: Mess around with the size until you have the size you want

Step Six: Clone a barrier, also hide the border, make the border shape a Rectangle, shape it small, and place it on top the Red Circle:

And there you go! Enjoy that big apple! “Trade you that sword of yours for this nice, shiny apple” -Knuckles, Sonic Prime


I think you used the same image for steps five and four by accident.


Lol your right i did that on accident

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We all make mistakes. At least it wasn’t something like leaking your code or your tabs.

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yeah i could never do that never in a lifetime

I may or may not have accidentally done that a couple days ago.

I fixed it though

Nice guide! I added the art tag.

On step 3 it shows the shape, not the boarder. On step 6 it has the red circle instead of the rectangle. @Cod_Zombies hope this helps to fix it

Sorry, my fault lol. I’ll try to do better

You could edit the new picture in.


ity whump.

Cant you just use the apple emoji?

its not that customizable.

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this has more options and uses less memory

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no. U can’t make a pink apple emoji, can’t you?
You can’t make a dark purple apple (yes they’re real) with an emoji.
Plus, u can add more details than just putting down an apple emoji.


this is just a red barrier, I guess this was cool in October…

ripoff banana

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i don’t think this is very respectful to the creator