How to make a console! (my first art guide!)

(credits to blackfox for teaching me this on the wix) so first you grab a metal sign make it dark grey and place it and grab 4 metal pole make them the same color and outline the metal sign like this
Screenshot 2023-09-29 1.33.29 PM
then grab another metal pole angle to the left or right and place metal signs to make the top of the console like this
Screenshot 2023-09-29 1.35.33 PM
Screenshot 2023-09-29 1.36.33 PM
and then make the side of the console with tiny poles and cover up the holes with the tiny pole and make sure to outline to top of the metal signs to smooth it out like this
Screenshot 2023-09-29 1.39.35 PM
now for the disc slot just make a black metal pole angle it sideways and and place it accordingly like this
Screenshot 2023-09-29 1.42.24 PM
and now (optional) for the xbox logo! just grab a black circle barrier with no outline make its size minimal and grab green metal sign and place them like an ¨x¨ and and just for extra (drumroll) an UwU
Screenshot 2023-09-29 1.46.00 PM
you are welcome all those who are making a console! and again credits to blackfox for teaching me this on the wix
images now get some sleep all ya late night forum readers


Love this guide!


And the meme :))

Nice guide!

Nice job!

Nice guide! (love the meme) Can you add more variations like Switch and PS5? Very creative btw, wouldn’t have though about doing this and making it look 3D. (you should also add a 3DS lol)

Nice guide! I like the use of pictures for newer gims.
I would suggest removing the meme as you might be flagged and try capitalisingyour sentences to make it easier to read for new gims.

Great guide @protogenwarr.

The meme is true though, there are some of you who are up for a while!

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