How to make a confusing knockout notifcation. (MINI GUIDE)

This will show you how to make a confusing notifcation showing: “Player 1 was knocked out by Player 1”

Take a trigger and a lifecycle: (lifecycle) Player knocked out ---------------> Tigger (trigger)
Screenshot 2024-02-11 7.41.36 AM
Then, put this in the trigger:
Screenshot 2024-02-11 7.43.40 AM

You now know how to make a confusing knockout notifcation!

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The Tigger Triggers. LOL.


Just a quick thing, this hasn’t been tested, but I think it works.
I’m also test out a way to make this actully happen, not just a half-fake notifcation.

Looks about right. I don’t know much about blocks, but that looks good. I don’t know what it would be if it didn’t.


You don’t need that many create text blocks:


Okay, but this is also works.

Strange how you posted the same message in both of the guides I made today

Yeah I saw that both had way too many create texts. I might have posted the same words coincidentally.

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That kinda looks like they used a coding website before…

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This results in something like this:
max1 Was knocked out by max1!
Try using a KO manager


The post literally says it’s meant to be confusing by saying that a player was knocked out by themself.

You are right. I thought confusing meant high difficulty

I got so confused that I bumped into myself :slight_smile:

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Wait how would it work It would be the player knocked out was knocked out by the player that was knocked out. I think that was very confusing what I said

Does it work for anyone Heelo?