How to make a chest

How can you make a chest so you store weapons into it when your not using it then take them out when you need it and only the player who put the weapon in it could take it out. If you know the blocks can you send a screenshot

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Like a chest from MC? I don’t think that is possible unless you have lots of blocks

What do you mean by you need a lot of blocks

Like the coding blocks

Like this
Screenshot 2024-04-30 2.47.55 PM

i think this is possible with item granters. im not sure how it would know how to store it though, and know which exact item to grant back to the player. i can’t test things with blocks right now, im in school.

If you know the blocks can you send a screenshot

I think he means it so you can store stuff in there, like the chests in minecraft

I got an idea! When the game starts, each player would get a separate key to unlock a specific barrier but the barrier should be set to player not global so no one else could enter and take your loot. So you basically just drop things in your inventory into there.


Also, I don’t know the blocks. I’m not the best coder

Thank you very much i am using this as a solution

sorry, i’m in school so i can’t test out any blocks, i don’t know how it would work anyways.

@GlM i get that, the thing i was confused on was the storing ability.

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