How to make a certain team spawn at certain spawner

How do I make it so if you are a certain team, that you’ll spawn at a certain Spawner. (sorry if that was too complicated. :joy:)


There is a team setting in the spawn pad use that :slight_smile:

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Ok! Thank you! I’m new to the curator part of Gim-kit! I’m used to using Flowlab Game Creator! If you want to check out my most popular game there, please do!
Game is at. Flowlab Game Creator - Rolly Log

yes you can go to settings and find the team category then select the team you want to use

But we cannot advertise here
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mark @Cellofive as a sulution please :slight_smile:

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and good luck on your map

Thanks so much! You two are the best!

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Sorry! I didn’t know that!

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