How to make a buyable wall (Difficulty 1/10 )

First, make your walls and barriers to fit how you need it too. Like this:

Then make a Vending Machine and configure the settings like this:

After that, put a wire from the vending machine to the barrier. Item Purchased > Deactavate Barrier

And Just like that, You are done!


Nice guide, @lonewolf0230!

Nice guide! Very easy to follow along with and I admire the pictures!

Also, they just blocked Gimkit on my chromebook, so I’m on PC. Idk why they blocked it lol.

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Noooo! That’s so bad! How could they block Gimkit!! ( seriously tho…)

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It’s because the Website is turning like a gaming website.


That makes scene I guess… But Still!!!

The only thing they’ve remotely made about a gaming website is the season ticket.

Also, Gimkit Creative a little bit…

My Geography teacher gonna be mad. We use like every day in his class.

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In my personal opinion it’s fine since that’s just an extra thing and isn’t necessary to fully enjoy gimkit.