How to make a button that respawns a random player [Difficulty 🟩 or 2/10]

First of all, grab a button and set it to these settings(It doesn’t have to be these settings the channels you should put in tho) Btw, you do not have to name the channels “Respawn” if you don’t want to!

Now grab a relay and set it to these settings:

Then, grab a respawn device and wire the relay to the respawn device

And there you go!

BreathTaking out!

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Nice guide!
Do note the channels don’t have to be the same in the picture, here’s an example:

If I have a button and in the channel “When Button Pressed, Transmit On, I create a channel in it called “a.”

Now, I get an item granter and in the “Grant Item When Receiving on” channel, I type “a.”

It still should work.
It doesn’t matter what you put in it, it’s what devices you put in it that causes the event.

oh yeah i forgot to mention that thank you for mentioning that!

Nice guide!

:+1: guide

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Hey @Haiasi could you also start teaching me? Thank you!

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