How to make a button that announces a players username

I want to make something that calls a player to step forward when a certain button is pressed.
button pushed once, calls a random player to come over.
button pressed again, same thing happens with a different player.
or it teleports the selected player to designated location.

this is for an upcoming event I am hosting somewhere else and am making a map for it.
if there is any advice you can leave here, that will be appreciated.

please do not lead this to a chat, as i’m only asking for help and will be reading suggestions and rarely commenting(probably)

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Like the last stage in 1WO?
Overlay pressed > Relay (Random Player) > Teleporter; or something.

Button Pressed ---> Relay (Random Player).
Relay Triggered (or something like that) ---> Show Notification
Notification Blockcode:

Button Pressed (Button) --> Relay (Random Player)

Relay Triggered (Relay) --> Teleport Player Here (Teleporter)



That should do the trick, @Kat_aronii
Nice job, @GimSolver.

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