How to make a Button-Activated Barrier! (Difficulty: 2/10 or 🟩)

Hey everyone! This is a guide to making a bridge that can only be passed through with the press of a button.
This build requires…
1x Barrier
1x Button

Step 1: Getting What You Need
Get a Barrier and a Button from the Devices Tab.
Step 2: Setup
Place the barrier and button close to each other. This is just to make the wiring easier, you can move the button/barrier later.

Step 3: Wiring
Wire the Button to the barrier like this.

That’s all! You now have a Button-Activated Crossable Bridge!


Nice first guide!

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Nice guide @Gabe4906!

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Nice guide!
I would recommend renaming it to a button-activated barrier.

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yeah a bridge will look some thing like this;

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Nice guide, maybe add the difficulty on a scale of 10 as well?
Like 1/10 or maybe 2/10?

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Nice job!

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@WolfTechnology add a black barrier under your bridge with a low transparency for a “shadow” effect

Thanks for the tip, i always forget to do that.

No problem!


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