How To Make A BLACK H0LE (trap your GimFriends!)

How do you do that?

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He used a mod that makes art out of barriers I think

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Which mod though?

idk, ask him

Ooo, I saw a similar thing in geometry dash on youtube! Did you also use evolution and a score system to generate the image?

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Yeah- I completely stole this from spu7nix haha
*not the code just the idea

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I used a mod that takes a generated file of barriers and places them all.
The mod isn’t being given out to people, however.

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that is so cool.

This is a super creative guide!

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Hmmmm, client or server-side? (automation or requests)

Uhhhhh idk what you mean it’s server side I guess since the barriers show for everyone

I mean does the mod use your computer, or does it send requests to the server to place the barriers lol :slight_smile:

It sends requests to the server.

Ok, what would happen if you directly sent a request to place something when the memory limit is full?

The server would ignore the request.

Bumpity Bump Budomp

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Why is it “B|ack h0le” instead of “Black H0le?”
Can a regular change it, please? Thanks


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Thanks! Whatever happened to the TUG for trolls…

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