How to make a battle royale game (Difficulty: 🟩)

Frist make a small room players cannot get out of with a spawn pad.

Then put down a weapon (it can be any weapon).

Then place a button inside the room and in “Button message” type "Enter arena.

Then place a teleporter outside of the room.

Wire the button to the teleporter make sure the in and out are like this,
“Button pressed–Teleport player here.”

Place down a property device set the “property name” to “Players.”
set the “property type” to “number” and “default value” to “0.”

Place down a lifecycle device down, set the “event” to “Player knocked out.”

Place down a text down and make it not visible in game.

Wire the Teleporter to the text make it like this,
“Teleport player here–Run wire pulse block.”

Then go to the text go to blocks then enter this link for the blocks.


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Codes are not allowed to be posted on this forum, so directly in game I’m not sure. You can post codes here:

However, if you have questions you can post them here, and everyone will be happy to help you out!

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