How to make a bank gain money, after a vending machine is purchased

I am trying to make a cash generator power-up for a team, and I was wondering, how to do it, I have seen a way before, tho that is from the game start

Can you specify?

Make a repeater trigger an item granter.

Tho I want it to be so a player can press a button, then get the cash that has built up from waiting, like if you wait 5 seconds, you get 3 cash

Ok. Make the repeater add an amount to a property. Make the button trigger an item granter’s blocks. In the blocks, make it grant the property amount of the blocks. Then, it should set the property to 0.

Sorry, forgot you are on mobile

Sorry. I’m on mobile. I’ll guide you though.

Go to the blocks menu for the item granter. Click the one that receives on a channel. This should receive on the channel the button broadcasts on. Go to the for this item tab. There should be a grant amount of item block. Put that down. Next, use the get property block in the essentials tab to make it grant the property number of that item. Now, back in the essentials category, take the set property block, and without using the get property block, put the name of the property at the top spot. From the math tab, put the 0 block in the 2nd. I’ll get a picture of it in a few minutes.

Ok, I will do this later, I gtg, thank you!

The counter updates the property. The button DOES NOT trigger the item granter. It broadcasts to a block in the item granter. Here is the block:

The 6 should be however much cash you want per second (or time interval).

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Would i make it, so that when a vending machine i bought, it would start the repeater

Nvm my first question, how would I reset the counter after the money has been withdrawal

Make a trigger receive on the channel “Zero Cash Factor”. Wire the trigger to the counter. It should reset the counter. Make the blocks also broadcast on “Zero Cash Factor”.

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