How to make a ammo Selection system (Takes about a few hours and very difficult)

This is a runner up to my last guide, so its gonna be complicated
Ammo Types for each weapon:
Light shards:
Medium shards:
-Wooden wand
Heavy shards:
-Quatum portal
-Evil eye
-Snowball laucnher

First, Every class would need its channel, but the same channel for classes that use the same ammo type, like P.M.L and slingshot. These would then go into a prop (use a different prop for each ammo type.) set to become visible when that ammo type signal is sent. Then a wire is set to a counter with a target of 1. Then set the props with wires to increment the counter when an ammo type is selected, then when the counter target is reached deactivate all of the class buttons. Then when X (reset button from previous guide) is sent, resets the counter and sets al the props to hidden.

Then have the button you press to get ammo link to some questioner, and when the class button is pressed the questioner set to give the wanted ammo type is activated, and deactivated when it the class is reset

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This is a great guide! Maybe consider adding some images to clear up any confusion new users may have or showing what it looks like.

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Images and also not that hard
(📢 PSA!) Emoji Colour Difficulty Guide make a poll using the difficulties in this guide to find out how hard it really is


Nice guide! Remember, pictures are powerful!