How to make a a protective force-field

this is how to make a force field

Um I can’t see it…

Shields. Simple as that.

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im guessing this is a wip, so add the wip tag if it is.

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True. @catty_wonk333 add wip

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first get a zone for the first part

Not here- in the post…

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then get a butten for the sheild

next time dont post the guide if you have nothing, god just please use drafts

Um u needs put that in the post……

Edit this into the guide. Don’t post it into the comments.

@WhereIsMyHat this isn’t help, the person isn’t editing the post

What? Wait I don’t see that user here? I think I’m blind…

They are a TL3 who edited the post title and tags

As a regular, I can edit people’s titles and categories



My bad sorry.

Let’s not respond anymore folks