How to make 1 weapon get a damage boost

there is a weapon in my game and I want it to be the most powerful in the game so I put a damage boost but when I tested it the boost worked with other weapons to can you make it so It only applies to 1?

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yeah theres a way , but what weapons are you using?

I have most weapons like evil eye, blaster and more but the most powerful weapon I want to be is the wooden wand

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Damage boosts are currently for the player and not the weapon though

and when I have a damage boost with the wooden wand it applies to other weapons

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them have it as a higher rarity than the others. that gives it more damage, more ammo, and you can reduce the reload in the map settings.

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but when I used the damage boost for a weapon it worked but it works with others

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I’ll try that… I guess

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that is where I tried but it does it with all weapons!!

I want it to do it with only 1 weapon but it does multiple

so you dont want it with all the weapons?

yep i searched that up but as said it applies to all weapons. as of right now the only way to make weapons better than others is increase of rarity.

no that is what I’ve been trying I only want it with 1

no just evil eye or woodenwand.

You could use this, Quantum Portals do a lot of damage, up to 232 without damage modifiers I think.

no offense, but that’s not what they are wanting or asked for.

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